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Joel was very outgoing and knowledgable in his field. He made sure to explain things in a way we could understand and any questions we had he was more than happy to answer! ~ Jeremy G

Mr. Rollefstad, was very personable and incredibly thorough. He took the time to explain the process and what he was looking for as we progressed and truly made us feel as comfortable and confident with our choice of homes. We will definitely be recommending Mr. Rollefstad and Canadian Residential in the future. Thank you! ~ Jennifer P

Comprehensive, thorough. Joel was very polite and professional ~ Dean M

Good communication and knowledge of the inspector ~ Robert M

Joel was very knowledgeable, shared information, and answered all of my questions clearly and concisely. ~ Nicholas C

The explanation and time the inspector took to communicate. ~ Robert M.

We especially liked the willingness to answer my question and make sure I was happy with everything ~ Joel H.

The inspection exceeded our expectations as we assumed it was only a report and we did not expect to have so much time for questions and instructions! Really great experience overall.

I very much liked the clean communication and that it did not feel like Joel rushed though the whole inspection giving us a very detailed perspective of what we could be getting into. Nothing comes to mind when I think about what I would have changed. I had an overall great experience dealing with Joel and the inspection. ~ D. Pergentile

The knowledge of the inspector, in all aspects in homes from structure to appliances and utilities. This is coming from someone who has been in the trades for over ten years. Offering both advice and suggestions along the way to help with the fixes or solutions. ~ M.John

Very friendly and knowledgeable. Helpful tips going forward. I am as single women with a small baby and he was very understanding of the situation and the things I needed to get done as priority. Also, the day of inspection he was very kind and patient as I started to have a fussy baby. ~ M. Samaha

I liked his sense of humour and his knowledge. He also made sure I understood what he was telling me. I definitely liked the infrared camera he used, made me feel better. I do inspections myself in my work so I was quite impressed. ~ K. Weis

"Win Your Inspection Free" Contest Winner for February 2014 - Jennifer Hogg, shown above with Joel Rollefstad, RHI.

Joel was very friendly and informative and could explain complex processes in layman's terms. - A.Robinson

Joel was awesome. Great people skills and clearly well educated in everything necessary for home inspections. His additional tips will help us maintain our home for future years to come. The high tech devices used to check for moisture and 'mould' were an added feature that I was impressed with. I will definitely recommend Joel and Canadian Residential to other homebuyers or people needing inspections. - J. Alliban

Great Communication, very through, in-depth inspection book report. - C. Gerlitz

I really liked that Joel explained everything as he went along. I learned a lot. He was very thorough. - H. Zieffle

We felt very comfortable throughout the process; first by receiving the standards for the inspection and then following the inspector through all the aspects of the inspection. The inspection was methodical and well organized. Our inspector was very knowledgeable and explained everything that he was doing. He was very helpful and patient throughout the process. - M. Kirkpatrick

Just how thorough Joel was. He was very informative and knowledgeable. It was an overall good expeiriance and it made gave us more piece of mind when buying a used house. - L. Giesbrecht

Joel was very friendly, thorough and explained everything well. Joel was great at looking into every nook and cranny of our new house. He was very personable and we felt confident that all potential issues were found and reported by the inspector. It gave us peace of mind to known what needed to be fixed right a way and what to monitor in the future. I would highly recommend this inspector and overall a great experience - B. Dillon

Inspection was thorough. Constant verbal feedback. - R. Marescaux

I was thrilled with the quality of work and have already recommended Joel to two other people. He was not afraid to tell it like it is. - N. Thurston

Thorough and great maintenance tips. The report is easy to follow and well laid out. Very professional, knowledgeable, thorough and pleasant individual. The explanations, demonstrations and tips were useful. - S. Wilson

I especially liked the professionalism, accuracy, responsibilty and caring of the inspector. I like how the book is organized. It's very easy to find specific information. I was also really pleased with the way Joel took time to explain his findings. It was a very insightful and helpful service. - Amber

The inspector educated me while performing the inspection - A. Degenhardt

Joel is very personable, he took his time to explain everything and had patience with all my questions, being a first time home buyer=lots of questions! He was very professional and was great at communicating the services he was providing. Joel exceeded all my expectations! - J. Bode

I was very impressed with Joel's friendly professionalism. I was particularly appreciative that he pointed out and explained different things as we went through the townhouse, as I may not have been aware of some of these things (positive and negative). - S. Boer

Joel arrived early prior to having realtor access to the interior of the home and began inspection of property exterior. Very professional and personable. Our realtor made a great recommendation in suggesting we call Joel for our home inspection. - P. Brooks

The feedback was good. He was competent in his tasks. A good guy to work with.The price is also very competitive - S. Reynhardt

I liked that Joel addressed some specific questions/concerns I had about the house, was very thorough and that he also pointed out some positive aspects - things done well. - S. Dent

Joel pointed things out to us that were probably above and beyond the normal expectations of an inspection. He was very patient with our queries and communicated extremely well.- V. Tam

Joel was extremely knowledgable, helpful and patient with me. He took the time to explain everything in terms that I could understand which was really nice seeing as I am a first time home buyer and this was my first home inspection.- M. Hanna

Joel was very knowledgeable and friendly. Very thorough. Gave ways to fix the problems rather than just pointing the issues out. One thing I must say is that he sure did a thorough job. We were pleased at the amount of little things he could spot! We also appreciated the use of the thermal camera. As the basement had been flooded and there was no vapor barrier in the attic, it was comforting to know there was no evidence of water damage. The way the report is laid out is very useful and easy to follow. There is no way we will forget what needs to be done! Very pleased with the service. We highly recommend using Joel for your home inspection! - C. Emery

Excellent outline up front of the process, description both verbally/written of what and what would not be included. Extremely detailed review of every home system c very helpful explanations around each / every issue raised. Joel provided a comprehensive, detailed, descriptive report after reviewing every aspect of the home. I was very impressed by his thoroughness and expertise in house construction/maintenance. - R. Morris

I appreciated how Joel would related things in a way I could understand what he was referring to. He made sure we understood what was going on. - L. Lacey

Totally satisfied with our experience with Joel. Would definitely use him again and will be sure to recommend him! - A. Berger

Joel was extremely nice and explained everything really well. Craig and I were very happy with the service and we felt that we were given a solid understanding of what the home lacked as well as what was great about it. We feel like we were given the tools and information to make the decision that the home was right for us! So a big thank you. Also, the price was very fair. - D. Szemesi

Joel was prompt and friendly, and did a good job explaining things that I would not have otherwise understood. He was very thorough and professional. - A. Beblow

Excellent service, excellent inspector. I especially like the heat sensitive camera. Joel was an exceptional inspector and would not hesitate to recommend him. M.Fortier

I especially liked the infrared camera analysis - S. Mladenov

Joel was great. He was friendly, and personable. It seems he really knows and likes his job.- N. Lueders

Joel was extremely thorough in the home inspection. I was very pleased with the report. Joel was very confident and I didn’t feel at any point that we was unsure of what he was talking about. Very good service – thank you. - L.Ferguson

Joel did an amazing job and really helped me understand everything he was going over.- J. Andrew

Very thorough and explained things as he went and explained it all again at the end of the inspection using the scheduled book. Our son hired him a few months ago and I was there for that inspection and he was very professional at that time so I hired him for our inspection. He is very likeable and seems very honest. Seems to me like a very respectable man. - M.Soleski

Joel is very thorough in his work. This is the second time I have used him and I will definitely use him again as well as recommend him to others. Joel does a fantastic job! I will definitely use him in the future. He seems to care to make sure everything works in the home etc which I have witnessed that not all home inspectors do this. Great experience :) - V. Fauth

Very patient and informative. I am confident that Joel did a great job! Keep up the good work, I especially appreciate to short notice availability. - J. Novotny

Very good at explaining everything so that we understood it, without "talking down" to us - R. Vandezande


October 2012 Win Your Inspection Free" Contest Winner Sarah Lucas being presented with a cheque by Calgary Inspector Joel Rollefstad.

Congratulations Sarah!!!

The thermal scanning, I was informed that not all inspectors has this service. - W. Arizapa

The communication, and prompt answers of the inspector. He was also really knowledgeable, adding great information about the inspection/property. I leaved in the USA before where I bought 2 houses. They were all inspected by professionals. I can not even compare the inspection there with the quality of service Joel from Canadian Residential Inspection Services Calgary Provided . He is above average in knowledge, communication, and professionalism. - J. Araujo

Professional and very detailed. Joel was great!!! - L. Patkau

Joel took the time to explain what he was looking for and at, not just his findings. He also pointed out things I would need to know about my home, like the main water line between units. Rather them just tell me about areas of concern, he showed me exactly what he was talking about. Although the windows were new, he made sure they all opened and that tells me he pays attention to detail and does not skimp on his inspection. Much appreciated. - S.Clark

I liked being able to follow along; ask questions & see the results as we went through the house.I was totally satisfied with Joel & his abilities; he was extremely thorough in his inspection & took the time to point out any deficiencies...small or large.- G. Reid

Personable, took time to explain terminology and potential solutions to deficiencies when identified. - J. Holman

He explained everything very clearly and was very thorough. - D. Whitney

Very thorough job done. The home inspector made an effort to point out areas that may be suspect or that may become problems in the future, not just what the problems were currently. - T. Skappak

It was very thorough & I really liked being there all the way through it to get clarification & ask questions. Joel was very thorough & kept me informed of every part of the inspection. I was impressed with the special equipment used (water detection, infra red camera, etc) as well as his ability to organize his inspection & to get into the level of detail he did. Excellent & made me feel I had all the answers I needed to make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with the purchase. - G. Reid

As first time home buyers we really appreciated him explaining what he was looking for, explaining what we should do as yearly maintenance, any issues that were discovered, and possible solutions that could be used. - J. Haase

Joel was very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and informative. Thank you for the thorough home inspection, tips and recommendations for our new home. The inspection left us informed and confident to make a very important investment decision. - S. Kirby

Joel took the time to explain so much to us! WAY better than our last home inspection. We also really love the inspection book, we have already picked up so many tips! - B. Terenta

Joel was very friendly and took the time to explain things in detail. - T. Babuik

I especially liked the detail of inspection and description of what inspector was looking for - D. Finnamore

I liked how friendly and informative the inspector (Joel Rollefstad) was during the entire home inspection. He was extremely thorough and willing to explain his findings during the inspection. The use of the thermal imagining camera to detect leaks or moisture issues was extremely helpful. My experience with the home inspector from Canadian Residentail Inspection Services was amazing. The informative book is very thorough. I would definitely recommend Joel to anyone that requires a home inspection. - C. Ramsden

I really enjoyed that during the inspection Joel taught us about the house. We learned about the ventilation system and fireplaces and where shut-off valves etc. were. We also were told about how maintain the home. - Alanna & Derek

I liked that we were taught about our new house (the ventilation system, power, shut off valves, etc). - M. Chavez

Our inspector Joel was very thorough and if I had a concern about anything with the house he was very accommodating and made sure that he verified whether or not it was an issue. - B. Badick

Joel was very clear and concise. All our concerns were addressed. I thought that we would be overwhelmed by the inspection. Joel was able to walk us around the property and through our new home, he pointed out minor deficiencies and seemed very knowledgeable. - J. Gray

He went over everything very well and spent time to explain everything. - S. Maloney

Prompt, thorough and explained things well. - T. Pedersen

The inspection was conducted in a professional way, Joel was always ready to answer our questions. It was a pleasure working with him. We would anytime recommend him to other potential clients. - M. Toader

Joel explained everything that he was doing in a way we could understand and gave us helpful advice along the way. He performed a very thorough home inspection and sat down with us to explain in detail his report and findings. The overall experience was very reassuring. - J. Brotherton

Thorough, & Comprehensive - G. Bergen

Joel was very friendly and answered all of my silly questions. I really like the book you give as well, very helpful. I'm glad that I can follow up with Joel with any questions. It's nice that he is so approachable. - A. Pitts

Joel is comprehensive, & thorough! - G. Bergen

Was very thorough showing and explaining all the areas of concern. - M. Orr

Joel was very professional and really took the time to explain what he was doing and going through the report. I really trusted and appreciated all his great feedback. Thank you so much Joel! :) Your report that you leave with the us the homeowner is so helpful and very detailed. It is layed out in an easy to read and easy to understand format. I love the tabs too that label all the different categories like: Exterior, Foundation, Roof & Chimneys etc...there are 10 such tabs. There is also a one page summary. - Lisa

Our inspector used an infrared camera which I really enjoyed. We are buying a 1946 home so I wanted to know how the insulation had settled and how the seals on doors and windows were. Much easier experience than I originally expected. Very pleasant and informative at the same time. I feel like I've learned a lot about our new home. Very easy pleasant experience. - N. James

Seemed thorough. I like the Thermal imaging, and the organized report in booklet. - R. Ball

I like that I have good confidence that we bought a sound house. - E. McMartin

Joel was very friendly and ensured I understood everything and answered all of my questions. - S. Zalucky

A very thorough job was completed by Joel, he looked at absolutely everything. I found that to be extremely reassuring. Joel was really helpful in explaining every little detail. He was also very personable. Easy to talk to and ask questions of. - C. Keam

I liked the use of moisture meters and the Infrared camera...excellent service! - J. Black

Joel did not just write a report and give it to me. Before the inspection he indicated how he would proceed; during the home inspection he explained many of his observations and discussed them with me. After the inspection he went through the report with me and made sure I understood it and had all my questions answered. I am happy that I hired him to do the inspection and would highly recommend him to others. - A. McMullen​​